Thursday, 14 January 2010

Cut UK government spending!

The purpose of this blog is to highlight every day when either the Labour Government or the Conservative Party promise to spend MORE of your money, which of course isn’t theirs in the first place. Every promise or policy to spend more money, will be highlighted here. If it is a core area of state activity (law and order, defence) then it may be all well and good, but ONLY if there is a countervailing reduction elsewhere, and only if there is a clear demonstrated need. It may be positive to spend more tackling violent crime, but less on victimless crime.

The Liberal Democrats have been excluded because, although it is a party that has shown some prudence in announcing plans to cut spending (and more recently to scrap policies that can't be afforded), it wont be leading the next UK government. Anything particularly notable from the Liberal Democrats on shrinking the state will be posted, given the off chance of a coalition if neither major party can win a majority. All smaller parties are being ignored given the extremely low likelihood any will have a role in the next UK government.

What this blog aims to do is shame the two main parties into ceasing the charade that somehow there is “spare cash” coming into the Treasury that can be committed to new spending. There isn’t. The UK is bleeding £370 million a day, and borrowing from future (in many cases unborn) taxpayers as a result. This has been the norm for almost all of the years of the current government, and it is wilful blindness, as well as out and out fraud to claim otherwise.

When Gordon Brown or David Cameron talk about investment, they really mean borrow now to tax you, your children and grandchildren more in the future. They don’t invest with money THEY earnt, they invest with YOUR money, taken from you by force, and unlike proper investments, they don’t give you anything back.

Gordon Brown claims to have saved the economy, but all he has done is plundered the bank accounts and earnings of future taxpayers to pay for the mistakes of the past carried out in large part by this administration, and in part by others. He has bailed out businesses that failed, rewarding failures with the money taken from future success. He has the audacity to talk of leading a party of aspiration, whilst speaking the rhetoric and implementing policies that penalise, denigrate and decry those who succeed financially. Aspire, but don't succeed.

The Conservative Party talks about the need for fiscal prudence, except for the NHS and selected other areas. In other words, it is quite willing to continue overspending as long as it is for things that will win votes it likes. It's time for some honesty.

H.L. Mencken described elections as advance auctions of stolen goods. The 2010 UK General Election will be this on a grander scale than ever before.

I will label every single policy announcement to spend more by party and by portfolio. I will not keep a running total, because politicians tend to report the same thing more than once, so something included in the budget may be announced again for propaganda effect.

So let’s just see how Brown and Cameron can promise to thieve from us all in the future, and let it help you decide whether to vote for either of them.

In the meantime pardon me for the next few weeks as I add a blogroll and a few bits and pieces to this to get it up and running.

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