Thursday, 28 January 2010

Labour confirms it is spending more on housing

Within a BBC news report that the number of "affordable homes" built could be cut in coming years because of budgetary pressure, the government has confirmed that it is going to spend still MORE borrowed cash to depress the property market.

Housing Minister John Healey said:

"Of course the public finances are tight but this government continues to demonstrate our long-term commitment to affordable housing, whether through the extra £1.5bn investment of the Housing Pledge or the pre-Budget report's boosting of support for first-time buyers," he said.

"The Tories not only opposed us, they also proposed a £1bn cut in last year's housing budget that would have seen 9,000 fewer homes built and the loss of many jobs in the construction industry.

"Taking this as a clear indication of Tory priorities, the NHF would do well to consider the threat a Cameron government would pose to affordable housing," he said.

In other words, "of course we don't have any spare money, but who cares, we'll borrow more from your kids to spend more on subsidising housing for people to buy. This while the economy remains stagnant".

£1.5 billion that they don't have that they'll take from your future taxes and children with interest, all to bribe the target group of low income people who get these homes, and the construction industry with its employees. Other taxpayers who have homes or mortgages or have done far too well to be considered as deserving of owning an "affordable home" can just damn well put up with it.

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